euro bill

The euro (EUR) - Main characteristics

28 June 2020 - The EUR/USD is the world's most liquid pair, and its price movements are a leading indicator of the economic health of Europe and the United States.

trading boost in Africa

Why forex trading in Africa grew by 476% during the first quarter of 2020

24 June 2020 - Many companies have seen their sales decrease, countries have seen their economies hang by a thread and economic situations have wreaked havoc on their national currencies in the fight to stay strong against the dominating USD.

virus affects trading

How will the virus affect the future of trading?

24 June 2020 - The virus situation has changed many things in the world of trading. The good and bad is visible in the trading markets, but one thing is certain, the virus will certainly make history.

trading records

Forex traders set transaction records during the virus situation

19 June 2020 - While it looks like the worst of the global virus situation is behind us, a closer look at the actions of traders shows even better results. As cPattern's recent data show, individual traders in the forex broke all activity records, but also began to withdraw money.


How will regulations be affected by the virus situation?

18 June 2020 - The virus situation has had a far-reaching impact on how we trade. In fact, there are few aspects of life that the Covid19 has not influenced in one way or another. The effects are also clearly visible on the markets.

forex gamblers

Due to the virus situation, many gamblers are switching to trading

18 June 2020 - A new breed of traders has entered the forex, attracted by the increased volatility caused by the virus situation. A number of demographics make up this wave, including an increase in the number of participants from the gambling industry.


cTrader Desktop 3.8 adds a new series of technical indicators

17 June 2020 - Spotware Systems has announced the release of cTrader Desktop 3.8. This version includes popular drawing features, such as the ability to lock, hide, duplicate using the "Ctrl" key and further customise drawings.

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eur-usdThe foreign exchange market, also known as the forex market, allows traders to profit from currency movements in real time. The foreign exchange is an interbank market that is open 24h/day, 5 days a week.

The forex market is very liquid; nearly $6.6 trillion dollars are traded every day between various traders and financial institutions. The most traded currency pair is the euro/dollar (EUR/USD), which represents 28% of all trades.

Online forex trading has been available to individual traders since the 1990s. The number of online brokers has risen sharply in recent years and choosing a broker has therefore become increasingly complicated. However, strong competition between brokers and dealers has significantly improved trading conditions as well as the services that are available to traders.

Currently, it is possible to invest, with just one click, in all of the financial markets with a single trading platform. Spot forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) allow you to invest in currencies, commodities, oil, precious metals, stocks and stock indexes. Thanks to the leverage which forex margin accounts provide, the initial capital required to open an account is not very high. Nevertheless, these types of accounts are not without risk, as leverage increases potential profits, but losses as well. was created to advise and train investors who want to diversify their investments in the financial markets and the forex market. On this site, you will find: articles to learn about forex trading, real time news, as well as free and personalised advice so that you can more effectively train yourself to become a forex trader. To facilitate your search and selection of a trading platform, our forex broker comparison chart provides a selection of the best brokers offering brokerage services worldwide.