Forex strategy to trade the European session

Forex strategy to trade the European session

18 September 2020 - The trading strategy described in this article explores the fact that British traders specialise in hunting stops, so the initial movement when the London market opens is not always the definitive one, especially in the case of the GBP/USD. (more)

Risk of ruin

The risk of ruin applied to risk management

17 September 2020 - How to calculate the amount of capital you are willing to risk before you have to stop trading (commonly referred to as the "point of ruin" or "maximum drawdown"). (more)

ASIC intervention

Australian brokers react to ASIC's intervention measures on CFD products

15 September 2020 - The ASIC consultation document shows that Australian brokers are not in favour of implementing restrictive leverage. (more)

Camarilla pivot points

Camarilla Pivot Points

15 September 2020 - Camarilla's pivot point trading strategy assumes that the market tends to return to a certain point of equilibrium. The Camarillia equation calculates 8 price levels where trend changes are likely to occur. (more)

Exotic currency pairs

Interesting exotic currency pairs for forex traders

13 September 2020 - Exotic currency pairs are associated with the dollar and an emerging economy currency such as the Turkish lira (USD/TRY) or the Mexican peso (USD/MXN). (more)

Dennis Gartman's 15 rules of trading

Dennis Gartman's 15 basic rules of trading

11 September 2020 - Dennis Gartman has been directly involved in the capital markets since July 1975. (more)

Duplitrade automated trading signals

Duplitrade: automated trading signals

11 September 2020 - Duplitrade is an automated mirror trading system that allows traders to copy the trades of strategy providers. (more)

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Warning!CFD trading comes with a high risk of losing money, it is therefore not for all investors.
Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

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eur-usdThe foreign exchange market, also known as the forex market, allows traders to profit from currency movements in real time. The foreign exchange is an interbank market that is open 24h/day, 5 days a week.

The forex market is very liquid; nearly $6.6 trillion dollars are traded every day between various traders and financial institutions. The most traded currency pair is the euro/dollar (EUR/USD), which represents 28% of all trades.

Online forex trading has been available to individual traders since the 1990s. The number of online brokers has risen sharply in recent years and choosing a broker has therefore become increasingly complicated. However, strong competition between brokers and dealers has significantly improved trading conditions as well as the services that are available to traders.

Currently, it is possible to invest, with just one click, in all of the financial markets with a single trading platform. Spot forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) allow you to invest in currencies, commodities, oil, precious metals, stocks and stock indexes. Thanks to the leverage which forex margin accounts provide, the initial capital required to open an account is not very high. Nevertheless, these types of accounts are not without risk, as leverage increases potential profits, but losses as well. was created to advise and train investors who want to diversify their investments in the financial markets and the forex market. On this site, you will find: articles to learn about forex trading, real time news, as well as free and personalised advice so that you can more effectively train yourself to become a forex trader. To facilitate your search and selection of a trading platform, our forex broker comparison chart provides a selection of the best brokers offering brokerage services worldwide.