ActTrader trading software


The ActForex company - which is behind the ActTrader trading platform - is based in the United States. It was founded in 2000 when the retail forex industry was still in its infancy. ActTrader is therefore one of the first trading applications of its type.

ActForex and its products revolutionised the industry by allowing private companies to offer trading services and expand their activities. Previously, only banks and large international companies were able to offer forex and stock trading services, ActForex therefore contributed to the growth of online trading.

One of the main benefits for forex brokers who offer this platform is freedom. Brokers are able to focus their energies on the more important aspects of their companies, as ActForex handles all of the software's technical details.

Since the 2000s, ActForex has developed numerous products for various markets. The most important product developed by the company is the ActTrader trading terminal that is currently used by many forex brokers like AvaTrade. The company also offers mobile applications for iPhones/Android devices and iPads as well as automatic trading and binary options platforms.

The following overview of the ActTrader platform suggests that it is very intuitive and easy to understand. The interface can be fully customised, and charts and menus can be resized and positioned according to a user's preferences.



Main features:

  • Execute trading orders quickly and easily
  • Trading directly from charts
  • Trading in one click
  • Many tools and technical indicators to analyse charts
  • Create multiple workspaces, organise windows and maximise space
  • Set price alerts to be notified when the price of an instrument has reached a predefined level
  • Create, test and execute automated trading strategies without the need for programming knowledge



ActWebTrader is one of the company's newest products - it enables traders to trade using a web browser. The platform contains almost all of the features available in the desktop platform (ActTrader), the 2 major differences being that this platform doesn't need to be downloaded and that traders cannot customise it.



ActPhone, ActPad and ActDroid

The ActPhone, ActPad and ActDroid mobile trading platforms were designed for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The main features of the mobile applications:

  • Real-time quotes
  • Interactive charts
  • Order management and execution
  • Detailed account information
  • Information on open positions
  • Access to your trading history
  • Financial news
  • Background mode
  • Notifications in your device's status bar
  • Attractive and intuitive interface



ActBinary can be used as a module for the ActTrader platform or as a standalone binary options platform. When used in the ActTrader environment, the trader can use ActBinary and ActTrader with the same account. ActBinary is also available in web, tablet, iPhone and Android versions.




FXApps is a shop that enables you to compare and download free and paid applications and algorithmic trading strategies for ActTrader.

The shop can be accessed directly from the platform by clicking on the "Strategies" button.



ActVAT: visual algorithmic trading

The ActVAT platform revolutionised the automatic trading industry by enabling traders without any programming knowledge to create their own automated trading robots.

ActVAT enables you to create automated trading strategies from charts, trend lines, price levels and more.

For example, all you need to do is open a chart, draw a trend line and create a strategy that will open a new position as soon as the price reaches the line. The position can then be closed with a stop order or another condition.


You can create conditions using all of your chart's objects and visual elements.

ActVat conditions

Then, you need to specify which action should be executed when a condition is met.

ActVat Actions

Before using a strategy in the real market, you can save it and use the test mode in order to optimise its settings.

ActVat Testeur de stratégies


Test the ActTrader platform for free

The AvaTrade brokerage offers the ActTrader platform for free in demo mode for 21 days. This market simulator allows you to trade in the real market conditions with a €/£/$ 100,000 virtual account. The demo account is a great way to learn how to trade while discovering the trading platform's features.

Click here to open a free demo account.


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