JFD Bank review - DMA / STP / NDD trading

JFD Bank broker review

JFD Bank is a forex and CFD broker that was founded in December 2011 and which offers a 100% DMA/STP/NDD trading environment via the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

JFD Bank is regulated in Cyprus by the CySEC, and it is also registered with European regulators (ex: BaFin - Germany, FCA - United Kingdom, ACP - France)

JFD Bank seeks to innovate by investing in technology rather than marketing. This broker operates in an electronic trading environment that is suitable for both experienced retail investors and institutional traders.

JFD Bank differentiates itself from other brokers through its full transparency of transactions and brokerage fees in accordance with MiFID guidelines. Upon simple request the broker will provide you with a detailed transaction execution report which proves that the prices offered precisely match the broker's inter-bank market prices without any increase in the spread. JFD is only compensated via a commission on each transaction.

JFD Bank is the only broker to offer trading of 7 asset classes (500 instruments) with one account, two platforms (MT4 and MT5), a minimum deposit of 500 euros and a minimum lot size of 1000 units (0.01 lots) for currencies.

Their brokerage fees are very competitive. For example, the average EUR/USD spread during the London session from 17 to 21 February 2014 was 0.03 pips. By adding JFD's commission (2.75€ purchase + 2.75€ sale) for a standard lot of 100,000 units, the brokerage fees expressed in pips (inter-bank spread + JFD commission) for the EUR/USD were therefore an average of 0.85 pips.

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JFD Bank - key features


At the customer's request, JFD will provide the following information: the name of the liquidity provider that performed the trades, the speed (the execution time is often under 2 milliseconds), the price and the time. This practice is fully in line with current MiFID transparency standards.

No conflicts of interest

JFD Bank has made the deliberate choice to not be involved in market maker activities. JFD Bank is a 100% DMA/STP/NDD broker that cannot hold positions for its own benefit. The conflicts of interest that are frequent with market makers are therefore totally impossible, JFD only acts as an intermediary between its clients and liquidity providers.

Guaranteed anonymity

Unlike market makers, the anonymity of JFD Bank's client positions and strategies is guaranteed at the inter-bank market level. All clients - without exception - benefit from (discrete) DMA/STP execution. Orders are automatically directed (STP) to liquidity providers without any broker intervention.

Ultra-fast execution

JFD Bank provides direct access to the market with very low latency. JFD's servers - which are located in the industry's major data centers in London (Equinix LD4), New York (Equinix NY4), Singapore (SG1), Hong Kong (HK1), Amsterdam (AM1) and Los Angeles (LA1) - are linked to the major exchanges and liquidity providers via fiberoptic cables.

Trade execution reports demonstrate the speed and efficiency of this technology. Orders are systematically "matched" (using algorithms that connect buyers and sellers) in under 0.01 seconds and executed in under 0.2 seconds (often under 0.05 seconds) with virtually no rejection. All orders are executed on a fill basis.

Highly competitive brokerage fees

The spreads that are offered genuinely match those of the inter-bank market. JFD is only paid via a commission on each transaction. For example $0.60 USD (0.3 buy and 0.3 sell) for 1 forex mini-lot (0.1 lot or 10,000 units) and $0.20 USD for 1 index CFD.

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JFD Bank's forex spreads - sample spreads

JFD Bank's spreads

JFD Invest: mirror trading and portfolio management

Mirror trading

JFD Invest is a portfolio management and mirror trading service offered by the JFD Bank brokerage. It allows investors to have exclusive access to a pre-selected, high-performing trading strategies whose track record has been verified by the company's portfolio management division.

The broker's clients have the ability to build portfolios of strategies that can be automatically executed through the JFD Invest mirror trading platform.

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