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AvaTrade forex review

AvaTrade (formerly AvaFX) offers top-notch service for traders and investors interested in the online trading of spot forex, the stock market (via contracts for difference) or binary options. Unlike most forex companies that were founded by bankers, the creators of AvaTrade came to the world of foreign exchange via an internet background. They understand the specific needs that traders have.

The company has offices throughout the world and has a 24-hour assistance centre.

Cash deposits are held in segregated accounts (for example: at Commerzbank in Germany, at BNP Paribas in France).

A regulated and accredited investment company

Ava Capital Markets Ltd. is an investment company accredited in Europe by the MiFid and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Segregated client accounts

The European subsidiary of the Ava group, Ava Capital Markets Limited offers segregated accounts that separate client funds from AvaTrade's other assets.

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Ava Auto Trader managed accounts

Ava Auto Trader

With Ava's Auto Trader system, you can choose the strategies that most closely match your needs, rather than just trading currency pairs. Select the strategy that performs the best over a given time period and let it work for you. Buy and sell orders are entirely automated.

Why should I use Ava Auto Trader?

1. Choose strategies according to their performance.
2. Trading is entirely automated. You don't have to place any buy or sell orders.
3. Test your portfolio with a demo account before trading with a real account.
4. You can see the history of your account which includes all of your actual trades.
5. Make profits 24h/24.
6. You can even choose the worst performing strategies and reverse them!


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Risk warning

Combining leverage with derivative products can generate very rapid losses. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before you engage in such transactions. Forex and CFD trading is not suitable for investors who are not able to withstand losses greater than their initial deposit.