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ZuluTrade's 5 most capitalised signal providers (October numbers)

ZuluTrade's 5 most capitalised signal providers (October stats)

Article by forexbrokerz

As we're getting close to the end of October, it's time to take a look at the ranking of the signal providers on social Forex trading platform ZuluTrade over the past month. I'll shoot straight away by saying that my personal favorite – Germany's Qurenix, made some recovery in performance which makes me happy, while another piece of positive news was delivered by Latvia's Trading4You, another very strong contender whom I'm fond of. 

But first things first, let's take a look at the chart of the five signal providers with the biggest capitalization in October:
1. F8: $5,679,127;
2. Newwave: $4,545,491;
3. Trading4You: $3,764,695;
4. Qurenix: $3,176,444;
5. For333: $2,846,473.

Those of you who have read our article on the most capitalized SPs in September will notice right away that we have a newcomer: Latvia's best Forex trader Trading4You made a stunning debut by landing at the third place with a capitalization of $3.76 million. The system is very robust and profitable, hence no wonder that it has been climbing the chart. Although F8 and Newwave still hold the first two places, both systems lost funds: around $600,000 and $440,000, respectively. The losses for Qurenix and For333 were around $500,000. Apparently, the traders continued to grapple with the effects from September's troublesome trading and the ripples from the US government shutdown.

But let's look deeper into the fortunes of the top five SPs for the past month with a chart of their profits for October:
1. Qurenix: 2,164 pips;
2. Trading4You: 658 pips;
3. Newwave: 288 pips;

4. For333: -337 pips;
5. F8: -8,657 pips.

You can see that Qurenix – the German system, generated the biggest monthly profit of 2,164 pips, which is a whooping result. This, by the way, reflects a series of 30 positions with EUR/USD which the trader held open for quite some time and then closed simultaneously – meanwhile, many of the system's followers got mad. Well, guys, profits need sacrifices and patience. By the way, the team behind Qurenix started a new account on ZuluTrade just a couple of days ago – it's called Qubotics and looks rather promising.

At the bottom we see For333 and F8, with both Chinese systems showing rather dismal results. It really seems to be the end of F8, though I would not pronounce any verdicts for the trader behind the system. He actually started a new account, Fen-2017 at the start of June: this account is not focused on AUD/USD like F8, and is way more successful.

Finally, let's take a peek into the stability of the systems in October, as measured by the average pips per trade:
1. Qurenix: 14 pips;
2. Trading4You: 12 pips;

3. Newwave: 3 pips;
4. For333: - 9 pips;
5. f8: -111 pips.

Only Qurenix and Trading4You deliver promising results in this respect: apparently these systems are robust enough to survive drawdown periods, withstand trading peculiarities like spreads and slippage, and be resilient to sudden market environment swings.


October can safely be called the month of Qurenix and Trading4You, with these SPs managing to show some strong results which were in turn reflected in their levels of capitalization. The happy times for F8 are apparently coming to an end, and the problems for For333 continue as well. Newwave's performance remains controversial, although there seems to be a beam of hope for the US trader – he's slowly recovering and starting to generate some profits.

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