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ZuluTrade launches a new trading platform

ZuluTrade launches a new trading platform
Article by Forex Brokerz

ZuluTrade, the popular social Forex trading network, has announced the launch of ZuluTrade+ - an enhanced version of the platform, coming along with a fully-fledged trading terminal and the ability to create own scripts. All traders on the most widely used social Forex network can now easily link their accounts to the next generation platform by simply visiting to the Settings panel and clicking on the “Link to a Broker Account” button.

The most exciting new feature of the platform is that it comes along with the ability to create your own ZuluScripts on Trading Station, Yes, you need to use ZuluTrade's application programming interface (API). You may recall that Zulu introduced its own REST API  in the beginning of October 2013, giving users of the platform the ability to build their own custom programs. Now, traders can build the robots, scripts, etc. and trade with them on Trading Station.

Trading Station is a terminal from which you can actually trade, while remaining on the popular social platform. The terminal features three types of charts: the candlesticks, the OHLC or bar charts, as well as line charts. The latter is a particularly interesting option, allowing to see only the closing bid prices and allow to see a simple picture of a market trend. By the way, unlike dot charts, line charts allow for uncluttered display and very good for beginners in trading.

On top of that, ZuluTrade's Trading Station offers a decent menu of ready-to-use indicators (Trend, Oscillators, Volatility, Volumes, Bill Williams, etc), to help you with your technical analysis.

One more perk is that the beefed up platform is a web-based one, which means that no download is necessary. And all you need to use it is your ZuluTrade account with a given broker: you don't need to tap any third-party software.

The innovation, which is still in its beta version, marks an important step for ZuluTrade – for the time being it lagged behind MT4 signals, because the social service has been embedded within the Metatrader 4 platform. The competition is on!

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