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Ideas makes Sure-Fire Hedging strongest

This strategies most work very well when market strong range, so why don't combine some indicator to filter this, to make sure that market will strong range.
example if BB shrink <30 - 60 pips, don't open any entry or BB shrink too long time over =>20 h1 candlesticks open entry or BB widening =>60 pips open entry
Or stochatic <= 30 overbought or stoch => 70 oversold open entry
Or RSI <= 30 or RSI =>70 open entry
Cadnlestick close above >SMA 150 open entry or candlestick close below < SMA 150 open entry

So i hope when we can combine these ideas, our systems will better ever



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Re: Ideas makes Sure-Fire Hedging strongest

Indeed, adding filters to ensure of a trend can increase your odds of being successful. The only danger is if you jump into a trade when the prices start getting into a range.

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