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GBP: Buy the pound vs the AUD says Crédit Agricole bank

GBP: Buy the pound vs the AUD says Crédit Agricole bank

"The GBP is one of the fastest rising pairs as of late. Post-election euphoria is wearing off and investors are once again focusing on fundamentals.

Improving growth and the evolution of prices should ensure that investors' expectations regarding the BoE favour the GBP. We therefore expect the GBP to remain attractive for buys on dips, such as vs. the AUD.

This is all the more true as the current positioning reduces the chance of seeing downward squeezes.

AUD was in demand recently, mainly due to a normalisation of expectations regarding the local central bank (RBA).

However, unless domestic conditions begin to improve significantly, a continuation of the rise of the AUD will likely be offset by a more aggressive RBA in terms of its accommodative monetary policy." says Credit Agricole.

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