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MetaQuotes adds Bill Williams' indicators to its MT4 web platform

MetaQuotes adds Bill Williams' indicators to its MT4 web platform

MetaQuotes Software, the developer of popular MetaTrader trading software, continues to improve the technical analysis capacity of its trading platforms.

MetaTrader 4's Web platform now offers better graphics performance thanks to WebGL. The simultaneous use of several technical indicators no longer affects the performance of the Web platform.

MetaQuotes has also added these popular Bill Williams indicators:
    Arrow Alligator Indicator
    Arrow Fractals 
    Arrow Gator Oscillator
    Arrow Market Facilitation Index (MFI)
    Arrow Awesome Oscillator
    Arrow Accelerator Oscillator
    Arrow ZoneTrade (MT4 indicator)

Bill Williams believes that traders lose because of their reliance on rules created by the various types of analysis (technical and fundamental). He considers that these rules do not always produce the desired results and that they are sometimes useless and even dangerous, because markets are constantly changing and we cannot always rely on models and theories that worked in the past.

In order to achieve excellence in the field of trading, a trader needs to understand the current structure of a market.

This can be achieved by exploring the market in 5 dimensions:
    Arrow Fractals (space)
    Arrow Motor (power)
    Arrow Acceleration / deceleration (power)
    Arrow Zones (strength and power)
    Arrow Line of balance (balance)

Each measurement adds additional information in addition to a general snapshot of the market. According to Bill Williams, his approach to the market is very sensitive to the analysis of price movements and can capture at least 80% of each market movement.

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