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What do you think about SolidCFD?

I'm relatively new to the whole trading world,my close friend has been trading online for some time now and that's how I got into this. He's invested with a few different companies but since I have basically no understanding of how trading and forex works he suggested I check out this relatively new company SolidCFD. He told me that they have great educational department and provide one-on-one educational sessions with their beginner customers. This is basically all I was looking for in a company,but I still wanna hear what you guys think about SolidCFD before I make my decision. Thanks in advance smile



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Re: What do you think about SolidCFD?

I would stay away from them! SolidCFD is not a licensed broker.

They are located in Anguilla (!) and were known as TradeSolid. Furthermore, they spam forums with positive reviews:

Trade with them at your own risk!!!

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Re: What do you think about SolidCFD?

If there is no license, it's rather risky to use it. IMHO.



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