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The average trading account deposit size declined in March

The average trading account deposit size declined in March

According to CPattern data, we are witnessing the first significant decline in the average size of deposits into retail trading accounts. The average value of the top 10 countries was $2,452 in March 2018, compared to a record $3,763 observed in February 2018. In addition, the average size of withdrawals declined from $3,097 to $2,959.

The average deposit in UK trading accounts came in first with a result of $4,670. Surprisingly, Brazil takes second place with an average of $2,996 and Ukraine third place with $2,605.

The UK is also leading the largest withdrawals by trader. In March 2018, British traders withdrew an average of $4,895 from their trading accounts. Switzerland comes in second with an average of $4,201, followed by Australia with $3,728.

Unsurprisingly, the UK also dominates in terms of average first-time deposits (FTD) with a result of $2,130. The United Arab Emirates is right behind, with an average FTD of $1,441. Denmark, which is rarely ranked in the rankings, is third with an average FTD of $1,147.

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