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eToro reduces its spreads on cryptocurrencies

eToro reduces its spreads on cryptocurrencies
Email received from eToro:

Dear Trader,

We would like to share some updates regarding crypto trading on eToro. Here at eToro, we are constantly trying to make crypto trading and investing simpler and more accessible to our clients. Therefore, we recently introduced two new updates for trading crypto assets on the eToro platform:

Significant spread reduction

To make crypto trading and investing more accessible, we have reduced the spreads for all crypto assets to no more than 2.9%, including cutting the spread for Bitcoin in half. The reductions include:

Arrow BTC - Reduced from 1.5% to 0.75% against all fiat currencies
Arrow BCH - Reduced from 5.0% to 1.9%
Arrow XRP - Reduced from 3.5% to 2.45%
Arrow MIOTA - Reduced from 6.0% to 2.9%
Arrow XLM - Reduced from 5.0% to 2.45%
Arrow NEO - Reduced from 5.0% to 1.9%

This update is effective immediately. Please review the full list on the Market Hours & Fees page.

eToro has added leveraged crypto positions (Gold and Platinum Clubs exclusively)

eToro clients who are part of the Gold or Platinum Clubs can now trade a variety of crypto assets with 2:1 leverage. Leveraged trading (executed as CFDs) is available for the following crypto coins:

Arrow BTC
Arrow ETH
Arrow XLM
Arrow EOS

To take advantage of these great cryptocurrency opportunities, join eToro today!

Best regards,

Avishay Lavi

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