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XTB reorganises its cryptocurrency offer

XTB reorganises its cryptocurrency offer
XTB has announced the launch of a new range of CFDs based on cryptocurrencies. The broker's clients now have access to trading of 25 cryptocurrency contracts for difference.

9 new cryptocurrency CFDs, such as Bitcoins, Ripple, EOS, Stellar and Ethereum Classic, as well as 16 crypto-crypto currency pairs, have been added allowing traders to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

The 25 instruments are available in pairs against the US dollar, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Some of the CFDs on crypto-to-crypto pairs include Cardano / Bitcoin (ADABTC), Tron / Ethereum (TRXETH) and MIOTA / Bitcoin (IOTABTC).

According to the press release, the XTB offer allows traders to keep their positions for up to 1 year. This means that this investment opportunity is suitable for investors looking for both short-term and long-term investments.

XTB emphasizes that users do not need to have an encrypted wallet, to enter the stock market or otherwise, because all investments can be made from a single account at the broker.

XTB is one of Poland's largest brokers, active since 2005. Depending on the region, the cryptocurrency offer features leverage up to 5:1.

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