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EUR/USD: NBC expects the euro to rally in 2019

EUR/USD: NBC expects the euro to rally in 2019

National Bank of Canada expects the EUR/USD to climb during the year 2019.

"It is true that things are not looking good right now for the single currency, which continues to suffer from internal issues (such as Brexit and Italy) and weak economic growth. The latter is keeping inflation and inflation expectations below what the ECB would have liked.

Investors will, however, begin to anticipate the end of the Fed's monetary tightening and/or the normalisation of ECB policy, offering upside potential for the EUR/USD in 2019.

Any bullish signal for the euro could be strengthened by properly balancing bearish speculative net positioning, which is currently at its highest level since Q1 2017.

We maintain a prediction of 1.23 for the EUR/USD by the end of 2019.

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