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Coinbase plans to add 31 cryptocurrencies to its platform

Coinbase plans to add 31 cryptocurrencies to its platform

Coinbase, the relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it plans to add a number of new digital assets. Notable currencies on the broker's list include XRP and KIN.

In September, the California-based company announced plans to integrate over 90% of the cryptocurrencies that are compatible with its platform and policies.

Coinbase has two compliance policies:

First of all, no currency on their exchange can be considered a security by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Second, a currency must not hinder the ability of the exchange to meet its own compliance standards, including its anti-money laundering procedures and regulatory approval requirements.

The recent statement indicates that the exchange operator plans to add the 31 cryptocurrencies featured in the below image.

Coinbase pointed out that it was still possible that some of the cryptocurrencies listed in the above image would never be part of its trading platform.

"The addition of new assets requires significant work, both from a technical point of view and in terms of compliance", said the trading house. "We can't guarantee that all the assets we are considering will ultimately be quoted on the exchange."

Also, some of the cryptocurrencies can only be bought and sold. Coinbase said it might not be able to adopt and send wallet functions for any coins brought on its platform.

Lastly, the company noted that not all cryptocurrencies will be immediately available to everyone around the world. Each adopted cryptocurrency will be deployed on a "Jurisdiction by Jurisdiction" basis.

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