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Coinbase launches educational app and option to trade crypto to crypto

Coinbase launches educational app and option to trade crypto to crypto

Coinbase, the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, is seeking to provide more and more quality services to its large user base. Until now, an investor had to convert BTC into, for example, EUR to buy another cryptocurrency, this is no longer the case.

Coinbase now allows users to exchange on a crypto to crypto basis, which means that it is no longer necessary to use regular fiduciary money to convert Bitcoins to Ethereum. The new add-on works with the following digital currencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, 0x and Ethereum Classic.

Crypto to crypto conversions can be made instantly and charges are reduced to 1%, compared to 1.5% for the usual conversion requiring two separate transactions.

However, the costs associated with the new crypto to crypto trading feature are still four times higher than the equivalent on CoinbasePro and GDAX.

Coinbase is now facing more intense competition than ever before, due in part to some of the tension created by the fact that the company may not adopt XRP in the near future.

Coinbase Earn - an educational app that rewards and pays its users

Coinbase has also just launched an educational programme called "Coinbase Earn" which allows users to earn cryptocurrencies and easily learn in a fun way the utility of an underlying asset and how it works.

The exchange believes that this service will encourage the public to become familiar with the new technology. Users must perform certain activities associated with lessons, such as watching videos and participating in quizzes to earn the reward.

In the initial launch phase, Coinbase will only pay out as a reward ZRX tokens, the native token of the Ox platform. Ox finances the entire project and the incentive funds will come from the company's external development pool.

Coinbase adds: "Over time, we plan to add more educational content as well as the opportunity to earn other cryptocurrencies".

Although the programme is currently on an invitation-only basis, the educational content is accessible to everyone. You can also join a waiting list to join the programme later on.

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