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Interview with JFD Brokers' Lars Gottwik

Interview with JFD Brokers' Lars Gottwik
Multi-asset brokerage JFD Brokers has recently announced a number of changes. The brokerage has recently launched commission-free equity trading for its traders, joining an exclusive group of brokerages who offer commission-free trading.

In addition, the company has also revealed that it is focusing more on its Prime Broker activities for its professional clients. To learn more about the latest changes, here's an Q&A session with L. Gottwik, Managing Director of JFD Brokers.

Following your recent announcement regarding commission-free equity trading, what are the typical spreads for EU and US equities?

As JFD Brokers offers cash shares via a Smart Order Router, the best prices are always available to our traders, as all exchanges such as the NYSE, Deutsche Börse, Nasdaq, etc. are included.

Have you changed the spreads before or after this announcement?

No, we trade through the Smart Order Router on the stock markets.

Do you consider this decision as a way to attract new customers and then sell them CFDs, or is it part of a longer term strategy?

JFD Brokers has been a classic foreign exchange brokerage since the beginning. We were the first brokerage in the world to offer MetaTrader with 9 types of assets, as well as to change the situation by introducing post-trade transparency for all traders. In addition, we've had a strong portfolio management division right from the start. For nearly 18 months, we've had a multiple asset offering on the broker side. In general, we see ourselves as a full-service financial services provider, covering execution services, investment solutions and soon even banking! Cash shares have been and will continue to be a main product and much more than a simple client acquisition tool.

With the recent ESMA regulations in Europe market, has JFD succeeded in building client loyalty?

Oh yeah, last year was a record year for us in the EU. We actually see these regulatory changes as very positive! As we have never done misleading marketing in terms of leverage (unlike other brokers), our clients aren't sensitive to leverage. Our volumes went up last year and our market share in Europe did too.

Have the ESMA's leverage restrictions affected your economic model?

No, not at all. We believe that no one really needs leverage beyond 1:40. That's more than enough for a serious trader.

Can you give us more details on your recent purchase of Acon Bank?

JFD Brokers is a full service provider with a comprehensive vision. We are building a financial control centre for individual clients from which they can manage banking, trading and investment transactions. That is why we will soon change the company's name to JFD Bank.

What lies ahead for JFD Brokers?

We will launch trading strategies within JFD Invest Cash Equities, significantly increase our cash equity offering, launch a native application starting in July and banking services next year. In addition, we will focus on our Prime Brokerage activities serving B2B customers with a full range of multi-asset products.

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