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Excite One launches ZuluTrade's copy trading system in Japan

Excite One launches ZuluTrade's copy trading system in Japan‏
Last week, ZuluTrade - the copy trading service - announced a new partnership with Japan's Excite One brokerage.

The partnership includes the joint launch of a copy trading service named Macaso, which means "I let you do it" in Japanese.

Macaso is fully based on ZuluTrade's in-house technologies. This also means that Excite One clients will be able to access all of the strategies offered by ZuluTrade.

According to ZuluTrade, they now have partnerships with over 140 brokerages and have close to 2,000,000 traders who can copy strategies applied by other investors worldwide.

This agreement allows ZuluTrade to get its foot inside Japan's forex industry, which is currently dominated by a small number of brokerages. The Japanese forex sector is fully focused on the domestic market, which accounts for between 34% and 39% of all global retail forex trading volumes.

ZuluTrade launched its Japanese branch 5 years ago through the purchase of Market Crew Investment Advisor, which took on its new name - ZuluTrade Japan.

As of today, ZuluTrade Japan has entered into partnerships with several Japan-based enterprises, such as Kabu, one of Japan's biggest brokerage houses.

About ZuluTrade:

ZuluTrade is a social network for forex traders that allows you to "connect" with thousands of traders (referred to as signal providers) worldwide. The ZuluTrade social network allows you to select signal providers in order to automatically copy their trading transactions to your account - while giving you the option to set your risk limits.

Check out the performance results of ZuluTrade's Signal Providers: here

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