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Binance will soon launch margin trading

Binance will soon launch margin trading

Binance recently announced its plans to offer margin trading to its clients in the nearby future.

The world's 2nd biggest crypto exchange apparently didn't mean to reveal this development right away.

A little over a week ago, the company uploaded pictures of 2 different interfaces on its social network page and sollicited opinions on which version people preferred. Smart, huh?!

Those who caught the screenshots immediately understood that there was also a new trade feature: margin transactions. 

Here is one of those screenshots. In the bottom you can clearly see how blatant the "mistaken news announcement" is:

The screen includes a warning regarding the risk invoved in margin operations. 

It is likely that the company's expansion into new territory is based on the need to remain competitive in today's increasingly crowded market environment.

A few other crypto exchanges have also recently introduced their own margin trading services. 

A Binance company representative has also just admited that the margin trading service will soon be introduced, and that it is already being tested by a core beta group of traders.

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Re: Binance will soon launch margin trading

In my opinion this exchange is growing significantly and i also heard that they have started serving in US as well, let see what new benefits traders can maximize when they allow margin trading.



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