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eToro planning its launch in Australia

eToro planning its launch in Australia
eToro, the multi-asset trading brokerage, is preparing its imminent launch in Australia.

According to Rob Francis, Managing Director of their activities in Australia, now is the right time for the platform to start establishing a strong presence there.

"The valuable combination of Sefiani's skills appealed to us: his longstanding experience, his strong knowledge of trading various asset classes, and his expertise in promoting platforms."

eToro facilitates trading in a range of asset classes such as currencies, precious metals, cryptos, oil, shares, indexes, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), etc..

Forex trading is increasingly popular in Australia

The number of traders is increasing in Australia. An investigation by the ASIC reveales that 675 million TBT transactions were made last year.

Of this total, 426 million, or nearly two-thirds, were forex trades. This figure is significantly higher than in the agency's previous report, while there were only 159 million forex trades.

Today, eToro has over 10 million traders worldwide who belong to an active online investment community where members share their knowledge. eToro is innovative and is therefore able to provide Australian traders with a new level of power.

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