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Worldwide trading activity by retail traders is still growing

Worldwide trading activity by retail traders is still growing

Although May is often a month in which traders are already starting to think about their summer holidays, this year their trading activity has remained very high.

As in the beginning of the year, Chinese traders were the most active in May. On average, they performed 160 transactions per month. Although we do not know the average amount of these transactions, their number has increased steadily over the past year, and this is also true in the rest of the world.

This trend is particularly evident when considering the average number of transactions as shown in the above chart. It is interesting to note that even though the lowest activity recorded among the 10 most active countries (in the bottom row) is growing, it is close to the highest activity represented by the top line.

We are seeing either real growth in the activity of individual traders worldwide, or something else. They may trade more, but the trading volume may be lower because of the increased regulatory pressure exerted by regulatory agencies in terms of margin levels.

New deposits are also on the rise

Compared with 2018, May was marked by smaller deposits and withdrawals. On average, traders deposited $2,008.40 into their account, compared with $2,489.50 in 2018. The average withdrawal was $1,711.60, much lower than the $2,456.80 in 2018.

In contrast to these two indicators, the size of the initial average deposit was higher in 2019, at $1,512.10, much higher than the $822.70 recorded in May of last year.

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