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Stats of traders' average broker deposits in July

Stats of traders' average broker deposits in July

Summer is generally calm as far as trading is concerned, but CPattern data shows a stable trend for the average deposit amounts.

On average, forex traders have deposited almost the same amount of money during the summer. In June, the average amount of deposits on trading accounts was $2,628.90 compared with $2,613.90 in July.

As you can see, over a wider period of a year, we are above the bottom of the scale. In terms of deposits, this floor was, so far, around $2,000. From this level, a rebound in the size of the deposits took place. Are we still going in this direction?

Traders are depositing more in Switzerland and Norway

Swiss traders were the largest deposits in July, averaging $3,481.80. Norwegian currency traders came in second place with an average deposit of $3,247.40. 

Australia has often been at the top of this ranking, but the average deposit there was only $2,947.30 in July. The list of the top ten ranked countries ends with two Persian Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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