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Re: AWESOME: New forex hedging strategy! (ver. 2.0)

blonde wrote:

In the above case there are a few blurred scenarios when the 0.1 positions's SL is triggered and second order of 0.2 at $1.1020 is not triggered as price reverted at first orders SL at $1.1021:
Scenario-1) Price go up and keep going up from current price and will bypass the $1.1050 price (where we have 0.2 sell limit order), in this case, the Sell-limit order will not be triggered (as the price will not fall back to $1.1050 to trigger the sell-limit), and price keep going up and up it reaches e.g. $1.1100 and still going up.
This is one case that I believe that cause strategy to fail unless you have some secrets in your sleeve that you didn't give us before? wink
Could you give us the full strategy?

- Also, could you find us a grid strategy? Could you mix these hedges and martingale and grid and make the next generation of this strategy? as you are the current King of the hedging strategies smile I'm seeking your valuable advice, please?

- Could you answer faster? I was checking this forum for more than a week waiting for your valuable answer.

In my example, when the price descends and hits the stop loss but misses the Sell Stop order and turns around and heads back upwards, this is what happens: the price will either go down again and trigger our original Sell Stop position, OR, it will go upwards and trigger a new Sell Limit position that we've just set up (once we've realised the sell stop might not be hit). Price cannot "bypass" the $1.1050 point on its way up, it has to trigger it - the only way it can bypass the $1.1050 Sell Limit position is if the market closes on Friday night right below it and opens up above it on Monday.

This is one of the risks of the forex - and if you see this happen on Monday morning, you would simply have to manually sell .2 lots as soon as you can (don't forget the usual stop loss and buy stop order). Also, gaps have a tendency to be filled, so it's likely price will fall back down to "close" the gap.

As for a grid strategy, I admitedly have zero experience or knowledge of "grid strategies, so I'm unfortunately no help in this department.

I'll do my best to answer faster, but as I travel a lot I sometimes don't have the unlimited internet access that I used to - I'll do my best wink   Have a great weekend (and stay out of the markets today if you can, yesterday was a bank holiday in Europe and today will be slow and "in a range" more than usual.

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