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Forex trader looking for investor

Hi everyone, my name is Brian Robin, and I have been trading forex since 2003.
Trading has always been a hobby of mine, as I have many passions which I pursue. However, I have recently decided to make trading my primary source of income. I have become very accomplished at it over the years and figure it is time to apply my knowledge and skills.
What i am looking for is someone to trade for in exchange for a fair percentage of the profits.
I am not interested in trading firms, but rather a sole investor with whom I can build a working relationship with.
I am willing to demonstrate my abilities to your satisfaction using a demo account or a small account. I will run an account for you for as long as it takes to prove myself and what I can do.
I average between 100 and 200 pips per month, depending on market volatility. My stops are based solely on price action, and my entries use a combination of price action from both the daily and the 4-hour charts.
I have developed my method over the past 15 years, and it is very good.
I am offering risk free proof...simply open a demo or small account and watch me work.
I am looking to trade a minimum account size of at least $10,000. The larger account will be the one I choose, provided the terms of our partnership are favorable. I expect fair compensation based on my performance. I guarantee you will not regret hiring me. All i ask is the chance to prove myself, and earn your trust.
Anyone interested can contact me by email at you can also contact me by phone at 479-228-7964. I am in the US. Please, serious inquiries only. I am only looking for one investor at the moment. Thank you for your time.



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