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Institutional ECN volumes continuent to decline

Institutional ECN volumes continuent to decline

After the slowdown in activity observed on the main exchanges 2 months ago, the currency trading volumes of institutional ECNs dropped further last month.

Activity on the FXSpotStream platform, the service provided by LiquidityMatch LLC, fell sharply in November, reaching its lowest level in a little over a year. The company reported an average daily volume of $30.94 billion, a monthly decrease of 7.1% from $33.35 billion 2 months ago. This is the lowest since August of last year and it is also 13% lower year on year.

FXSpotStream also experienced a significant drop in its trading volume last month, with only $649 billion for the month, the lowest level since July of last year and also down from $766 billion 2 months ago. This gap is partly explained by the decrease in the number of working days since last month featured a total of 21 trading days, compared with 23 two months ago.

Fastmatch and Cboe also experiencing declines

Euronext FX, formerly FastMatch, announced trading volumes of $313 billion last month, down 26% from $429 billion 2 months ago.

The average volume of transactions also decreased month-on-month by 19% compared with $18.6 billion the previous month.

Cboe's spot institutional currency exchange platform also posted weak volumes last month. Cboe FX announced total trading volume of $597 billion, down 16% from $727 billion 2 months ago. This figure is 23% lower than the $765 billion observed in 2018.

In addition, the stock market's institutional forex market saw average daily trading volumes of $28.49 billion 2 months ago, down 9% month-over-month from $31,65 billion registered 3 months ago.

Year on year, figures released by Cboe FX, formerly known as Hotspot, show weaker figures, down 17% from the $34.85 billion posted 12 months earlier.

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