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Spotware Systems releases cTrader Desktop 3.7

Spotware Systems releases cTrader Desktop 3.7

Spotware Systems has deployed a new version of its cTrader Desktop trading platform. The latest version (3.7) features a series of improvements, including a fully integrated FXStreet economic calendar, previously available in cTrader Web, as well as Multi-Symbol backtesting for cTrader Automate.

The platform now allows traders to observe a complete list of economic events for comprehensive fundamental analysis without leaving the trading platform. The active symbols panel has been equipped with a list of economic events for each symbol selected.

In addition, cBots have been greatly improved so that traders can use other symbols for backtesting. This includes the ability to trade, obtain historical data and both check and analyee indicators.

A new smooth zoom feature has been added to the graphics. In addition, traders can now zoom in and out via a simple shortcut: Ctrl + mouse scroll.

In the new version of the platform, the detached windows can contain several graphics with their own layout for an overview. Detached graphics containers include the toolbar for drawing instruments, and graphics can be easily moved between containers and the main window via drag and drop.

In order to increase the protection of users' privacy, all sensitive information, including account numbers, account balances and cTID names can now be hidden from the screen.

Developers can now use the clouds between the indicator lines. A cloud can be added using a unique attribute with 2 line names, such as: Cloud ("UpperBand", "LowerBand")

CBots and indicators can now change the color of individual bars using new API methods: SetBarColor, SetBarFillColor, SetBarOutlineColor and SetTickVolumeColor.

The latest version of cTrader Desktop also features other user interface improvements. For example, for quick access to cBot parameters and indicators in the Automate section, traders can now use the new Parameters panel.

A new graphic setting allows you to show or hide the QuickTrade buttons.

The new Position counting badge feature displays the number of open positions for each symbol in order to improve visibility.

Finally, an option to add a new graphic button has been added to the main toolbar for quick access. New graphics can now be added with one click in two modes - Multi-Graphics and Free Graphics.

Spotware Systems regularly updates its platforms. The latest version of cTrader Web, for example, adds the Pencil Tool & Line Study extension.

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