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Spotware discusses the key market trends of last year

Spotware discusses the key market trends of last year

It goes without saying that last year was a difficult one for brokers, in particular due to the regulations that make it more difficult to retain traders. However, some of them managed to move forward despite a few roadblocks. Alexander Geralis, a sales director at Spotware, talks about the development of the company last year and what it expects in 2020.

Spotware is a provider of online trading platforms and applications for brokers that aim to convert and retain traders. The company's platform, cTrader, is one of the largest currency trading and contract for difference (CFD) platforms in the industry.

Key trends last year

"Last year was definitely a difficult year. We saw more regulators looking to follow in the footsteps of ESMA while a wait-and-see atmosphere persisted."

"Obviously, this isn't the healthiest environment for doing business, especially if you focus on a product that could be affected. On top of that, we have the Brexit situation which is still unclear, both as to what it means for FCA brokers and their clients abroad."

"Moving away from the current regulatory atmosphere, we have noticed an interesting mix of demands. CTrader has gained healthy market share with a host of novice brokers who have chosen to enter the market exclusively with our platform. We are seeing these startups are also becoming more demanding than in previous years. They really need a platform provider who can handle the heavy work while they focus on growing their earnings."

New brokers who only offer cTrader

Geralis expects new brokers to continue entering the market using cTrader as their main trading platform.

"It is difficult at the moment to be a medium-sized broker. Large brokers are well capitalised and have the right people in place to face the regulatory storm while managing their multiple licenses," says Geralis.

"On the other hand, start-up brokers are free to choose where they want to be regulated and keep their costs low, while knowing what to expect. But medium-sized brokers, who do not have the capital, the knowledge and flexibility to deal with sudden changes that could completely change their business are at a clear disadvantage."

What stood out last year?

Last year, a number of trends were observed in the trading industry: many brokers moved abroad, the importance of mobile applications continued to grow and brokers have diversified their offers in order to stay competitive.

When asked what trends were observed at Spotware, Geralis adds: "When it comes to the product, we find that traders are asking for a better trading experience, especially on mobile devices."

"I am really proud of the value-added integrations that we achieved with content providers in 2019, like Autochartist and Trading Central. Especially the way it is done on mobile devices. There is a thin line between adding noise and providing content that significantly helps traders be more effective."

What can we expect this year?

"We expect to see more and more new brokers starting out with the qualities mentioned above. It could be companies with a handful of people or an IB who is ready to start his own business."

"With regard to existing brokers, we are going to learn more about considerations regarding which licenses to keep or apply for. For example, we are already seeing some large brokers establishing a presence in Cyprus. It looks like a cover against some possible outcomes of Brexit."

"These trends are positive for Spotware. We have powerful solutions that can help launch a brokerage business in just 1 month. As for established brokers, our multi-jurisdictional solutions give them the flexibility to manage different jurisdictions with a range of options that make them efficient, streamlined and compliant with different licenses."

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