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#1 02-03-2020 07:59:36

Leo Marchegiano
Registered: 21-01-2020
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FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

Hey guys, I was trading with IC and then I dropped trading for a while and now I'm back and looking for a broker.

I see FP Markets are building a good reputation and many reviews are positive about FP Markets.

And IC are also having some mixed reviews.

Who is a better broker FP or IC?



#2 02-03-2020 11:37:06

Admin & Trader
From: Paris - France
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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

I can't comment on IC Markets as I haven't used them myself or heard any other feedback (good or bad).

FP Markets is regulated in both Australia and Cyprus, so they should be a very safe alternative to other brokers (especially those based in questionable territories).

Here's a page with more info on FP Markets: FP Markets review.

Or just visit the website directly here: FP Markets website.

"Anything worth having is worth going for - all the way." - J.R. Ewing



#3 11-05-2020 12:23:26

Flavio Esteves
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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

From my Experience dealing with multiple brokers, FP markets has been the most reliable. They are in business for over 15 years and are very transparent with how they operate.

FP Markets has better spreads and lower commission when compared to ICM. So definitely an advantage if you are trade a lot.



#4 07-07-2020 11:26:56

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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

Have not tried both brokers yet. But looking to open a trading with a ECN broker soon. Based on the reviews, both seem to have similar spreads, both are Australian related broker and hold an ASIC regulation.

FP Markets(since 2005) has been around longer than ICM, Also have read reviews where clients have complained that customer support with ICM is a nightmare to deal with.  So FP Markets have a slight advantage IMO.



#5 19-11-2020 15:18:24

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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

Based on the reviews I can see in forums and even across web, seem FP Market are getting positive reviews than IC Markets?

In general FP Markets seem to be a older company, have better spreads and lower commissions, but still ICM seems to be having a big client base, not sure how clients decide?



#6 01-12-2020 17:19:32

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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

I compared both brokers and decided to trade with FP Markets because, the spreads and commission costs per lots are lower in FP Markets compared to ICM.



#7 05-01-2021 15:17:47

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Re: FP Market Or IC Markets ? Who is better ?

I'm not sure about IC Markets because I have not traded with them, but currently, I trade with FP Markets the spreads and the commission cost are lower.

FP Markets have been available since 2005 making it one of the oldest brokers still active.



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