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Introduction to automated trading on cTrader

Introduction to automated trading on cTrader

There are generally two types of people that use automated trading on cTrader: developers that want to use their online trading skills, and seasoned pros that want to automate their trading strategies. If you don't have experience in one of these areas, you most likely need some trading education.

In 2012, after cTrader saw the light, automated trading on the platform was introduced. This feature was first introduced as cAlgo, standalone algorithmic trading software. It was based on cTrader, except that all manual trading features were removed and replaced by controls to develop, test and execute automated trading strategies and customised indicators.

cTrader recently redesigned this model and merged all products into a single, unified application. All these algorithmic trading features are now grouped in a dedicated section called cTrader Automate.

cTrader automation

cTrader Automate scripts are written using Bill Gates' C# programming language. While other platforms have forced the adoption of proprietary programming languages, those who want to develop their trading robot on cTrader can access a pool of experienced developers who already code in C# for a large number of other uses. In addition to supporting C#, traders can write their code in VisualStudio, unlike the code editor built into cTrader Automate.

For traders who have evaluated cTrader in the past and who may have ignored the platform due to its lack of specific features, you'll be happy that cTrader outperforms the competition in terms of automated trading.

In the last few months, cTrader has greatly improved its features. The latest feature is multi-symbol backtesting. This allows a trading robot to do historical data tests on multiple currency pairs.

An API that builds complex technical indicators

Throughout last year, the cTrader team really expanded the extensibility of cTrader's Automate API. In particular, the focus has been on control of charts, making the platform even better for building customised technical indicators using clouds, custom colours, panels, shapes, buttons and a wide range of content management tools to control how items are displayed on the screen.

User-oriented features

When analysing transaction histories or backtesting trading outcomes using historical data, tables filled with numbers can make you lose sight of essential details. cTrader offers several information formats to help you analyse your performance quickly and intuitively. A trade map shows your entry and exit points and draws a line to connect them with bars. This map helps you assess the duration and profitability of your hypothetical trades. Trade statistics break down and highlight many key performance indicators such as maximum drawdown, number of long trades versus short trades, number of winning trades versus losing trades, profitable/losing long trades compared to short trades and much more.

Automated trading with Pepperstone

Pepperstone offers several automated trading solutions. In addition to cTrader Automate, traders can also use MT4 and MetaTrader 5 to create and manage their Expert Advisors.

Open a cTrader demo account with Pepperstone

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