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BTC/USD: Bitcoin capitalisation hits $750 billion, surpassing Visa

BTC/USD: Bitcoin capitalisation hits $750 billion mark, surpassing Visa, Walmart and Samsung
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, had a dream run recently. The price of BTC broke through the $40,000 mark yesterday, as the total market cap surpassed $750 billion. The world's largest cryptocurrency is now worth more than the world's largest payment services company, Visa, and the world's largest retailer, Walmart.

The price of Bitcoin is currently trading above $40,000, with a total market cap of $759 billion. Visa's total market capitalization is currently around $487 billion and Walmart's is around $399 billion.

Earlier last month, Bitcoin broke the total market capitalisation limit of another financial services giant, Mastercard. The recent rally in prices is helping BTC achieve important goals.

According to the latest data available on Yahoo Finance, the total value of electronics giant Samsung is around $449 billion, which means BTC is now also more valuable than Samsung in terms of market capitalisation.

The rising price of bitcoins

The price of Bitcoin has seen significant growth in recent weeks. BTC was trading around $16,900 during the last week of November, with a total market cap of $309 billion. Two months ago, we witnessed a rise in the price of Bitcoin, as BTC added nearly $200 billion to its market cap in just one month. Bitcoin's dominance has increased in the crypto market, it now accounts for around 69% of the total crypto market capitalisation.

Bitcoin is not the only asset that gained in value in December, other cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have also registered strong increases in recent weeks. XRP faced a daunting challenge recently when the SEC sued Ripple and its two executives for making an unregistered $1.29 billion securities offer that caused a 49% drop of the price of XRP.

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