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Alpari Accounts N.G. for Japan Residents

I am considering to open an account with Alpari.  However, it seems that when I try to set up a demo account, a popup dialog states that the Financial Services Agency of Japan does not allow for residents of Japan to trade at Alpari.  As an American citizen with permanent residence in Japan is there any work around this?



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Re: Alpari Accounts N.G. for Japan Residents

Unfortunately, lots of brokers turn away American citizens as the CFTC (or NFA, I forget which one) forbids them from accepting American clients. These brokers have recently been getting fined for this, bigtime. Unless you can manage to get Japanese citizenship, the best route might be to sign up with a US broker, Alpari has a US branch if I'm not mistaken, other good US brokers are MB Trading and Oanda (though their spreads baloon a lot during big news events). Hope this was helpful.

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