Free technical indicator & script downloads

Technical indicator downloads

Most forex trading platforms already have most of the techical indicators and scripts you would need. However, there are a few other ones out there you may find useful in your trading. Below is a selection of some of the most useful ones for your MetaTrader platform.

1) Download the ones you want. (unzip if necessary)

2) Place them within the appropriate "experts/indicators" or "scripts" folder within your Program files.

3) Relaunch your trading platform... Voila!

Time-saving scripts: A few extremely useful forex trading scripts: Close all (closes all current active trades), Delete pending (deletes pending orders), Stop loss (automatically sets your stop loss according to your pre-determined level), Take profit (automatically sets your take profit according to your pre-determined level).

Pivot points indicator: this Pivot point indicator will automatically calculate and display pivot points for you. (Learn about pivot points here)

Position size calculator: this indicator makes money management especially easy. (learn about money management here)
 ---> Position size calculator for MT4,
 ---> Position size calculator for MT5.

Gravity center indicator: Developed by Mustapha Balkhayate, the central blue line is the centre of gravity (COG), while the bottom band enclosed by the 2 green lines displays the "buy zone" and the upper area within the 2 red lines is the "sell zone". These bands are standard deviations of the COG line, calculated using the golden number (1.618). The gravity center indicator is dynamic and it repaints itself every 4 hours based on current prices.