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PAMM accounts

Investing in a forex account managed by a professional may be an ideal way to both diversify a traditional investment portfolio as well as increase overall returns. Studies conducted on professionally managed forex accounts have demonstrated that returns are not linked to stock market fluctuations.

In addition, managed forex accounts are advantageous as they can help an investor who has no trading experience participate in the forex market.

Forex trading is risky. Test your systems on a demo account! Note: past performance is not neccessarily indicative of future performance.

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ZuluTrade a été fondée en 2006 par Léon Yohai et Kostas Eleftheriou. La société est basée à Wall St. New York.

Avec ZuluTrade, vous n'avez pas besoin d'étudier ou de surveiller le marché, car des experts de renom le font pour vous. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de choisir les experts que vous souhaitez utiliser, et Zulutrade convertit automatiquement les ordres en temps réel.


FxOpen's PAMM accounts are designed for investors who lack the time or the skills to trade the forex market. They can choose a manager/trader based on his or her historical performances. Performance charts show the balance and daily earnings achieved by each forex trader, in addition to information regarding the risks the trader takes and his or her trading style. The information is presented in a simple and understandable manner so that novice investors can choose for themselves a trader to manage their money. Open a PAMM account.


PAMM accounts (Percentage Allocation Money Management) for investors allow investors to take advantage of the expertise of traders who provide a forex account management service.

PAMM accounts for traders are for experienced traders who want to manage other investors' money.

The PAMM system automatically manages all investments and transfers between investors and traders.


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eToro's Open Book is a social trading network that allows investors to automatically copy the transactions of the network's best traders via the "CopyTrader" function. If you aren't profitable on your own, why not copy the experts?

Open Book is the world's largest network of traders (1.5 million members), so it is easy to find successful forex traders with the "Guru Finder" search tool, in order to copy them or learn from their trades.

Open Book isn't just for beginners, experienced traders can also use the social trading platform to offer their trading signals and earn commissions on trades that are copied by beginners. Everyone makes money this way!

PAMM account

LiteForex's PAMM service received the "Best PAMM Service" award from World Finance magazine.

The PAMM system offers multiple features that allow you to see a ranking of accounts according to their performance so that you can track their evolution.

You can invest and withdraw your money at any time and without any early withdrawal fees.

It is possible to test the PAMM account in demo mode under the same conditions that real accounts have.

Ava Auto Trader

With AvaFX's Auto Trader system, you can choose the strategies that most closely match your needs, rather than just trading currency pairs. Select the strategy that performs the best over a given time period and let it work for you. Buy and sell orders are entirely automated.

Why should I use Ava Auto Trader?

1. Choose strategies according to their performance.
2. Trading is entirely automated. You don't have to place any buy or sell orders.
3. Test your portfolio with a demo account before trading with a real account.
4. You can see the history of your account which includes all of your actual trades.
5. Make profits 24h/24.
6. You can even choose the worst performing strategies and reverse them!

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Within the framework of the PAMM-account system, every InstaForex client can accept or invest funds in other clients' accounts, thereby gaining from their winning trades. Every Managing Trader who has trading account with InstaForex may accept investments from investors who will find him/her on the PAMM Monitoring page. The InstaForex PAMM system makes it possible to do the following in just a few clicks:

  • invest funds in Managing Traders and be guaranteed a share of their performance;
  • start obtaining investments from traders who register in the PAMM-system; you set the amount of your reward for managing these investors' capital;
  • communicate with other investors and traders and monitor the balance and equity charts of each Managing Trader's account.

Are you ready to manage investments or invest right now? Then proceed with the 3-min registration process in your "client cabinet" area. Right after registering, you will become a full-fledged Managing Trader or Investor (depending on what you choose). If you want to both invest funds and accept them simultaneously - you may register several accounts for different roles in the PAMM-system (trader or investor). Become a part of the forex professionals community and earn together with other traders and investors!

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