Forex Trading Strategy: Pin bar reversals

These videos demonstrate a technique which focuses on pin bars (especially pin bar reversals). For a quick and painless crash course, go to the forex pin bar reversal strategy page. In addition to using pin bars to help determine when the market is changing direction, the speaker uses Fibonacci retracements and support and resistance levels to time his entries and he uses moving averages to confirm the main trend. Another point the speaker brings up is that he prefers to use higher time frames such as the 4-hour and daily timeframes. There are several videos here, you can watch them in any order, but the best would be to watch all of them, it is worth your time. The speaker doesn't bother with other trading strategies, just this one, which is focused on price action using pin bars. (A pin bar is a 1-bar formation which has an obvious large tail or shadow either above or below it.)