Expert Advisors for MetaTrader and MQL4 programming

An Expert Advisor is a computer program that manages a trading strategy on the MetaTrader platform. As its name implies, it is designed to help the trader by automating all stages of trading. Certain more sophisticated EAs even allow for the strategy's parameters to be adjusted according to market conditions.


The benefits of using an expert advisor

One of the major benefits of a forex robot is that it offers a purely mechanical approach that eliminates the emotions and psychological pressure that lead traders to make bad decisions.

Forex robots have very strict algorithms. They have no emotional attachment to a specific market or a specific trade and they will not place an order unless all conditions have been met.

An Expert Advisor's trading decisions are based on a set of statistical parameters and algorithms. The strategies used rely heavily on technical analysis and price action observed in the currency exchange market. This information is constantly analyzed by the application, which can simultaneously process calculations in many markets in a matter of seconds.


How are EAs programmed for MT4?

Expert Advisors are programmed using the MQL4 programming language, which is integrated within the MetaTrader platform. MQL4 language is very flexible and can be used to develop custom indicators and scripts.

Once the trading strategy has been programmed, it is available in an Ex4 or MQL file which can be installed within MetaTrader.

Forex Copier

EA Forex Copier

An easy to use and reliable way to copy trades from one or several MetaTrader 4 accounts with options that adapt lot sizes according to the funds available in each account.

The Forex Copier EA supports all brokers that use the MT4 platform. All you need is the investor password of an MT4 account in order to copy all trades or just some of them thanks to the filtering options.

Forex Copier is an ideal tool for account managers as well as those who sell trading signals.

Forex Copier 3 (a local copier) is for when both MetaTrader platforms are to be used on the same machine. This programme is usually used by account managers who manage a few MT accounts on a single machine at the same time. It is also used by a traders who have an investor password for someone’s account and want to copy orders from this account to other accounts which are installed on the same machine.

Forex Copier Remote 2 is mostly used by signal providers, who sell their trading signals to other people who are located all over the world.

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FX Diverse

Price: $275/206€

FXDIVERSE is an EA that trades the forex. The system allows you to choose the type of trading you prefer, the frequency you want to trade, the profitability rate you need, as well as currency pairs and risk levels.

FXDIVERSE is not sensitive to requotes, spreads and swaps, so you can trade with any broker. This Expert Advisor features a good market analysis that allows you to trade with any currency pair.

The independent myfxbook company has confirmed the fact that the results are verified on real trading accounts.

FX Diverse Myfxbook


Price: 225€

FXOxygen Myfxbook


Price: 205€

1. PowerfulForex works without indicators. It calculates the entry point by analysing the market's movements over the previous days and on this basis, the EA calculates a profit.
2. The expert advisor has a sophisticated risk management system that will protect you from losses that you are not prepared to bear.
3. The EA is very easy to use. You can start with only $190. All of the parameters have been developed so that they can be intuitively understandable, even by beginners.

PowerfulForex Myfxbook

FX Stabilizer

Price: $275/206€

FxStabilizer very precisely calculates the best configurations to open trades. The EA is equipped with a security mechanism, potential losses are accepted only according to the amount you are willing to risk.

FX Stabilizer Myfxbook

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