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Spotware Systems launches share CFDs on the cTrader platform

Spotware Systems launches share CFDs on the cTrader platform

Article by forexmagnates

The latest platform to secure a truly multi-asset solution is cTrader. After the platform’s developer, Spotware Systems, partnered up with GAIN Capital earlier this year to secure liquidity on 16 cash index CFDs, its intentions to go live with contracts on equities were made public.

Today, Spotware Systems announced it has expanded the range of markets available on cTrader by adding CFDs on over 10,000 stocks.

The company’s product manager, Alexander Strelnikov, shared in the announcement,
“The cTrader suite now has no limitations on number of instruments, number of groups and no limitation on number of price streams.”

“We always envisioned the cTrader Suite as a multi-asset, one-stop solution offering multiple investment opportunities to its users. With the recent additions of CFDs on indices, commodities and now equities, we’re one large step closer to that goal,”
he explained.

A period of relatively low foreign exchange volatility which started last year, has prompted a number of companies to develop multi-asset solutions to hedge against periods of low volatility on the forex market by providing their clients a variety of marketplaces to choose from.

While most companies in the industry have successfully launched CFDs on indices and commodities, shares offerings remain scarce.

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