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Pepperstone introduces new Smart Trader Tools

Pepperstone introduces new Smart Trader Tools

Email received from Pepperstone:


There are new ways to use our Smart Trader Tools packages for MetaTrader 4 and 5.

We’ve now got over 29 Smart Trading apps, including tools and indicators to help you optimise your perfect trading strategy and enhance your trading experience.

Our trader favourites:
Arrow Mini Terminal and Smart Lines - Manage your risk like a pro with our most popular risk management tool
Arrow Trade Terminal with enhanced functionality - Control all your trades from a single and powerful terminal.
Arrow Correlation Matrix - Master the ability to trade non-correlated currency pairs

Do different styles of traders need different indicators? 

In this video, Chris Weston, alongside trading specialist, Sam Grecner, discusses different Smart Trader tools and indicators and how they apply to different trading styles.

Ready to get started?

Install Smart Trader Tools for MT4 or MT5 now.

Kind regards,

Pepperstone Trading

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