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Austria's FMA will make ESMA rules permanent

Austria's FMA will make ESMA rules permanent

Another European regulatory agency is about to make recent ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) rules permanent: Austria's FMA (Financial Markets Authority).

Earlier last week, the ESMA issued a few positive statements on the measures considered by the FMA regarding options and CFDs.

In short, regulation will almost be the same as ESMA's rules.

These rules ban binary options and limit the leverage traders can access when trading the forex.

In terms of options: "national rules will be the same as ESMA's".

In terms of CFDs: "the FMA will simply modify some of its risk warnings and include information on cryptocurrencies".

These new rules should become effective exactly one week from today.

FMA imitating other regulators

FMA is the latest regulatory agency to permanently adopt ESMA's new rules. Dutch, French and German ones have already adopted them or will do so in the very near future.

Germany's BaFin has already officially declared that it will be adopting these new rules on a definitive basis.

As for the FCA, it will also officialise its new regulations by September. This will include rules over such investment vehicles as turbo certificates.

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