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French and Israeli regulators sign a cooperation agreement

French and Israeli regulators sign a cooperation agreement

France's AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) says it has just signed an agreement with the ISA (Israeli Financial Markets Authority). The agencies have agreed to work together closely in various areas. 

The agreement was signed at Australia's yearly OICV meeting, which was held in the capital. 

The agencies will therefore exchange info on their respective cutting edge technologies. In addition, they'll share info on cryptocurrencies, AI and other technologies as well as automated financial services.

The agencies says they will attempt to better understand the rules and laws of each other's countries in an effort to improve things at home. 

AMF boss Robert Ophèle commented on the news: "For 2 years, AMF has been dedicated to supporting the strength of Paris' financial services. The new mutual agreement will enable us to to better understand future trends and where we need to develop our energy."

The head of ISA, Anat Guetta, says that their country is known for its many start-ups. In their quickly changing corporate world, the agency seeks to create a setting that favours the creation of new financial services and platforms.

"We have set up an innovation center and we already support several start-ups, we have signed a cooperation agreement with the International Forum for the Advancement of Financial Technology (GFIN) and we are members of the Government Sandbox effort. The dual-nation agreement with Israel aims to foster an innovative way of carrying out regulatory efforts" he says.

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