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Spotware introduces the shared account feature in cTrader Mobile

Spotware introduces the shared account feature in cTrader Mobile

Spotware Systems, a Cyprus-based trading software provider, has introduced a shared account feature in the latest mobile version of its cTrader trading platform. This launch also comes with other chart improvements on cTrader Mobile.

Aris Christoforou, the company's head of marketing, revealed the update last week in a press release. The new mobile feature comes more than a month after Spotware introduced shared account access as a common feature in the Web and Desktop 4.4 version of cTrader.

With the shared account feature now available for mobiles, "users are now free to share, revoke and reject access to trading accounts, giving portfolio managers the ability to trade on their behalf," Spotware says. However, apart from the shared account access feature, cTrader Mobile version 4.6 also comes with "drawing style via taps, six new drawings, magnet mode and improved graphics-related menu settings."

According to Spotware, some of the additional new designs include the Fibonacci arc, expansion, time zones and fan, Andrew's fork, ellipse, and text designs.

The new version takes the depth of technical analysis and its on-the-go convenience to the next level, adds Alex Strelnikov, Product Manager at Spotware.

Recent updates and products

Throughout this year, Spotware Systems has introduced new products and upgrades to its users. In June, the technology provider upgraded cTrader to a cross-broker platform, allowing clients to trade with multiple brokers from a single trading application.

Early in October, the company introduced BrokerOAuth, a solution it says facilitates both know-your-customer checks and deposit processes. The company says the platform was developed in response to demand from brokers for an easier onboarding process for traders.

At the same time, in light of the recent suspension of the MetaQuotes MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading applications from Apple's App Store and the increased demand for alternative trading platform providers among brokers, Spotware has announced that it was investing in upgrading its infrastructure to meet the increased demand for cTrader. The company adds that it wants to increase its global coverage and reduce latency on its platform.

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