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ZuluGuard: Improved risk management for social trading

ZuluGuard: Improved risk management for social trading‏

ZuluTrade, the new social trading and social wealth management platform owned by Finvasia Group, reveals its "secret formula" for risk management in social trading. ZuluTrade's advanced risk management tool, ZuluGuard, gives traders the ability to control their risk exposure by setting a few parameters that trigger automated action.

The benefits of using this tool are considerable. Although the majority of strategies available on ZuluTrade's platform are thoroughly tested before being released to the public, unexpected market declines can impact their long-term profitability. In this case, ZuluGuard can help investors minimise losses by monitoring their account activity and analysing it against the copied strategy. In this way, ZuluGuard automates risk management, eliminates emotions and allows traders to dispense with all control if they wish.

How does ZuluGuard work?

Using a proprietary algorithm, ZuluGuard monitors and analyses each trader's strategy activity and removes it from the investor's account as soon as it detects a deviation from the standard loss profile. This adds an extra layer of protection to investors' accounts, giving them the confidence and peace of mind they need to build wealth.

Accessible to all traders, regardless of their investment potential, ZuluGuard's unique capital protection system essentially locks in any losing position, based on user-defined parameters.

To define one's risk tolerance, the trader must indicate the level at which he or she wishes ZuluGuard to intervene. They can thus be assured that their capital is protected 24 hours a day, even when they are not online.

Most importantly, this revolutionary feature gives investors the ability to automatically rotate or swap traders, if their strategies fall below their set risk tolerance threshold, and take immediate action to protect their funds.

For example, if the maximum investment amount is set at £2,000, it means that the maximum amount of potential loss by following a specific trader cannot exceed £2,000. Depending on the investor's preferences, these settings can be changed at the touch of a button.

ZuluGuard also allows traders to explore more exclusive options, such as advanced profit and capital protection by setting a fixed or trailing capital loss stop.

Aimed at simplifying risk management, this innovative tool is mandatory for the European version of ZuluTrade, and reflects ZuluTrade's vision of a safe and versatile investment environment for everyone.

As a risk control tool, ZuluGuard complements the set of solutions that ZuluTrade offers to all traders and investors, regardless of the platform or broker they are registered with. Thus, the broker-agnostic platform heralds a new era of investing defined by the use of technology and better risk management.

As ZuluTrade continues to refine its offering, new releases and updates will soon hit the market. Updates will follow.

Check out the performance results of ZuluTrade's Signal Providers: here

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