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AvaTrade: Empower your trades with their new Trading Signals

AvaTrade: Empower your trades with their new Trading Signals
One of the reasons for AvaTrade's ongoing popularity among online traders is the quality and variety of its trading platforms, as well as the additional financial tools, plugins, and widgets that they provide to enhance the trading experience.

The latest addition to AvaTrade's suite of financial tools signals! The actionable buy and sell suggestions are generated by AI, using reliable fundamental and technical analysis. The signals aren't infallible, but they can help online traders identify trading opportunities in real time and make informed decisions about when to trade.

Why Trading Signals are such a Big Deal
Experienced traders may be wondering why we're so excited about the acquisition of Trading Signals. Plenty of online brokers offer Trading Signals or other trading indicators or alerts. There's nothing new or revolutionary about the wider concept. And while an option for signals is a good selling point for an online broker, it's not usually a unique selling point.

AvaTrade certainly isn't the first online brokerage to offer its clients Trading Signals (or inferior imitations), but AvaTrade is using Trading Signals on a game-changing level. There are three key points to keep in mind:

Trading Signals: 3 unique benefits
Arrow AvaTrade is providing Trading Signals as part of its trading platform and app. It's one of the few online brokers that integrates the tool into its trading software. Trading is thus faster and easier.
Arrow The UX and UI design of the signals has been optimised for ease of use and accessibility. It is simple, and intuitive and allows a smooth flow that encourages active trading.
Arrow AvaTrade Trading Signals are also available on the demo accounts. Potential or student traders can see their signals in action in real time and understand the potential benefits of the tool. They can't, however, act on the signals in demo mode.

More benefits:
The Trading Signals that are integrated into the platform are AI-driven. Although they can never be 100% perfect (nothing can consistently predict the performance of the markets with total accuracy), at least AI-generated signals are not subject to human error or bias.

The signals are derived from the respected Trading Central platform. AvaTrade has no control over the buy and sell suggestions that you receive. Nor can it influence the behaviour or performance of the signals. Although they are integrated into the platform, the signals always originate from the independent third-party entity.

Key points:
Arrow The trading signals are not second-rate "indicators" that provide market alerts but don't suggest how a trader should exploit possible opportunities.
Arrow The trading signals are supplied by Trading Central. They are not supplied as a separate service by indirect competitors of AvaTrade.
Arrow trading signals are flawlessly integrated into the trading platform. You can activate or silence them with a single click.

One advantage of integrating Trading Signals into the platform is that AvaTrade can accurately analyse all the statistics relating to the signals, their use, and success rates.

The Three Pillars of a Trading Journey
Trading Signals are perfect for providing traders with the three pillars of their personal trading journey.

Arrow Discovery: The signals alert you to potential opportunities in real time.
Arrow Analysis: How is the asset performing, and what is its predicted outcome?
Arrow Execution: Traders are presented with clear recommendations on how to manage a trade. The signals save you time, effort, and stress and can shorten your learning curve as you explore new asset classes.

AvaTrade's integration of a trading tool as respected as Trading Signals into its platforms is a major innovation. The move puts them one more step ahead of almost all its competitors.

"Anything worth having is worth going for - all the way." - J.R. Ewing


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