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Spotware introduces shared access in the cTrader Desktop application

Spotware introduces shared access in the cTrader Desktop application

Spotware Systems, provider of trading solutions for the FX/CFD market, has released version 5.0.22 of its cTrader desktop application. This latest update introduces a new feature and fixes several issues to improve user experience and overall performance.

cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 update introduces shared access and bug fixes

The most notable addition of cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 is the introduction of "shared access" for branded cTrader applications. This feature allows users to grant access to their trading accounts to others, including fund managers, allowing for more efficient account management. Until now, this function was only available from the web version of cTrader, but now it is also available in the desktop application.

"Fund managers and other partners have experienced difficulty remotely accessing individual accounts for the purpose of carrying out manual or automated transactions on behalf of a third party," the company explains. To solve these problems, cTrader offers a built-in shared access feature.

Along with the shared access feature, the cTrader team focused on fixing various bugs and optimizing the platform's performance. The update addresses issues such as backtesting performance degradation, incorrect resizing of StackPanel items, and optimization restarts when changing symbols, timelines, or settings.

Additionally, the release fixes the disabled state of cBots icons, allowing users to easily identify and interact with their automated trading systems. The functionality of the Stop All button has also been improved, and instances that were previously hidden due to search results are now correctly stopped.

In addition to the mentioned improvements, cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 includes minor improvements and optimizations that aim to improve the overall user experience and performance of the platform. The full list can be viewed on the official cTrader forum.

MetaQuotes, a leader in the field of retail trading platforms including CFDs, also introduced a new beta version of its MetaTrader 5 application today (Monday). MetaTrader 5 Beta Build 4330 mainly focuses on providing additional features to algorithmic traders and developers.

Hires, Updates and the Evolution of Prop Trading

Spotware Systems recently made significant changes to its management team. At the end of April, the company announced the appointment of Elena Kupriianova as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Ms. Kupriianova brings extensive experience to the role, having previously held senior marketing roles at several leading organizations, including as CMO at Soula, a freelancing platform.

However, as Spotware welcomes Kupriianova, the company also bids farewell to Andrew Mreana, who served as the company's head of growth for the past ten months. Mreana announced her resignation a month ago, marking the end of her short tenure.

Additionally, Spotware has made strides in the prop trading community, especially after the recent MetaTrader licensing controversy. The company's cTrader platform has been recognized by prop trading firms, with The Funded Trader (TFT) and MyFundedFX (MFF) announcing their integration with the Spotware solution in March.

At the end of 2023, cTrader presented the desktop version of its application for Mac. This native trading app, designed specifically for macOS, integrates algorithmic trading features, providing users with a powerful and intuitive trading experience on their Apple computers.

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