Financial market documentaries and videos

The dollar and the Federal Reserve

The dollar and the Fed (US central bank) (44:48)

This video will provide you with a detailed history of the dollar. It also covers the central bank, interest rates and the resulting debt. No specific forex coverage, but it's still very interesting.

Money, banking and the Federal Reserve

Documentary: Money, banking and the Federal Reserve (41:30)

Canadian documentary: American dollars are not created and controlled by the US government but by a private bank, the Federal Reserve (the FED), which has an exclusive monopoly.

Goldman Sachs rules the world

Goldman Sachs: the bank that rules the world (42:22)

This video examines a number of controversies that have clouded Wall Street's biggest bank, which is often the subject of both professional admiration and public scorn.

Warren Buffet biography

Warren Buffet: a biography (44:22)

Warren Buffett is a legendary American business investor, regularly ranking among the world's richest people. This video features interviews and provides a good overview of Buffet's style.

Money, banking and the Federal Reserve

Documentary: Floored (the demise of traditional floor traders) (83:54)

Although Floored is not really a forex film, it's still a well-done documentary on the people and business of the Chicago trading floors (specifically, the futures exchange and the changes brought about by electronic trading).

Stupid forex trader

(humor) A smart trader talks to a stupid trader (2:46)

Whether you are a forex or CFD trader (or you invest in stocks), you want to trade based on what you see the market doing. Following advice (and following the herd) is just about the worst thing you can do.

Tax haven

Tax havens (49:28)

This video examines offshore tax havens around the world that are still under Britain's control, such as the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, and explores tax avoidance methods.

High frequency trading robots

High frequency trading (13:35)

A secret look inside this secretive world and the controversial technique in which computers can make thousands of stock trades in less than a second.

London's City district

London's City district (27:14)

An inside look at London's City financial district: bankers' bonuses, excess, money and power.