Forex trading lessons (videos)

Introduction to forex trading

An introduction to forex trading (8:07)

A basic introduction to forex trading. This video is for people who have just discovered forex trading and want to know more.

MetaTrader4 video

An introduction to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform (6:52)

This video demonstrates how to use the MetaTrader 4 (also known as MT4) trading platform to trade currencies, commodities, futures and indices. This is the most popular trading platform out there as it is very simple to use.

Fibonacci forex trading technique and strategy

Strategy: How to use the Fibonacci retracement indicator (5:59)

This video demonstrates how to use the Fibonacci indicator. The Fibonnaci indicator is useful as it provides you with retrace levels (for both pullbacks and throwbacks) which provide you with optimal entry points.

Forex hedging video

Strategy: Using a hedging technique to profit in both directions (2:30)

One of several hegding techniques available. This video demonstrates a trader who opens both a long and short position, and then closes them: the first after a strong trend, the second after the retrace.

Forex VSA video

Strategy: Follow the big money with Volume Spread Analysis (2:30)

By tracking trading volume and the spreads on price bars, you can get a good idea of where the "smart money" (ie. professionals) is going. This video demonstrates how to find out where the market is going.

Forex scalping video

Strategy: A scalping technique explained (4:37)

One of many scalping techniques available. This video demonstrates scalping using 10-minute candlesticks.

Forex trading hours

A breakdown of forex trading hours (4:24)

This video explains the characteristics of the 3 main forex trading sessions: Asia, Europe and the U.S. Details include: which session is the most important one, etc...

RSI (relative strength index) video

Strategy: How to use the RSI indicator (6:33)

This video demonstrates how to use the RSI (relative strength index) indicator to trade currencies, commodities and futures. The RSI indicator is powerful, easy to use and available in most trading platforms.

Bollinger bands forex trading technique and strategy

Strategy: How to use Bollinger bands (3:34)

This video demonstrates how to use Bollinger bands. Bollinger bands are useful as they display the evolution of prices within an envelope, simultaneously providing both support and resistance levels.

Forex volume spread analysis video

Strategy: Volume spread analysis (2 videos)

Volume spread analysis (VSA) helps you understand who is buying and who is selling at any given time. The market is always in one of 4 different phases: accumulation, markup, distribution and markdown. Knowing which phase the market is in will allow you to trade with and not against the pros.

Forex pin bar reversal video

Strategy: Pin bar reversals (7 videos)

These videos demonstrate a technique which focuses on pin bars. A pin bar is a 1-bar formation which has an obvious large tail or shadow either above it or below it.

Forex scalping video

Strategy: Demonstration of another scalping technique (9:27)

Another demonstration of how to scalp the currency market. This video also uses the USD/JPY, but this time in a 5-minute timeframe.

Trading like a profess

Strategy: Identifying the trend and using multiple time frames

This is a collection of 3 long videos outlining some of the principles followed by institutional forex traders (the "smart money"): identifying the trend, trading with the trend, using the moving average indicator, etc...

Forex scalping video

Strategy: Trading the news

Trading the news is a way to profit from the rapid price movements that follow economic report releases. The thing to watch out for is when prices soar or dive in the direction that is contrary to what you would expect given the news (a deceptive broker trick). This video provides you with an inside look at a successful trading technique.