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TRADDICTIV: Trade with "U.F.O.s"

UFO forex training course

AutoUFOs analyses any and all financial markets looking for signs that denote the potential existence of UFOs (Un-Filled Orders - to either buy or sell). AutoUFOs plots buy and sell “UFOs” on price charts (shaped as round flying saucers). Traders use them to define entries, stops and targets with great precision. Traders often combine other techniques (Fibs, Support/Resistance, Technical Indicators, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis/Value Investing, etc.) and make sure their entries and exits coincide with a UFO on the chart to potentially add odds to their trade ideas. AutoUFOs is also used by large commercial companies looking to hedge the currencies, commodities and more they use in such businesses.

A common objective amongst Forex traders is to master the use of leverage which can increase your level of profits. This course will teach you and allow you to master everything you need to know about the specifics of forex trading. Probably the most exciting part of the course is when all comes together in the form of a specific rule-based mechanical and objective trading methodology that will help you to define entry and exit points. Completing this course will help you:

  • Understand how the Forex markets work
  • Master the use of leverage
  • Implement a risk management plan
  • Manage your own trading psychology
  • Develop a complete trading methodology
  • Learn fast and save time with trading technology
  • Complimentary 3-month access to AutoClimate™ & AutoUFOs for TradingView
  • Bonus lessons: Advanced market climate / Advanced use of edge time-frames / Optional use of reactive time-frames / Advanced trade management / Use of dynamic targets / Advanced order placement 

For more information, or to order the course:

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