Forex4You forex broker review

Don't let the silly name scare you away, Forex4You is actually a quality broker. Forex4You is the online arm of the E-Global Trade & Finance Group Inc., which is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is currently in the process of obtaining a CySEC license in Cyprus.

Unlike many brokerages out there who try to get their clients to deposit as much as possible, with exagerated casino-like campaigns, they really want their clients to learn with minimum risk and to start trading only once they are 100% ready. Their customer service is happy to assist new traders, even those using a demo account, providing answers to any and all questions until each trader is ready to start working with a real account.

Another welcome aspect of the company is that they only offer 2 types of accounts. This keeps things simple and eliminates the confusion that often results from having too many options. Below is a chart highlighting the features of each account type:

Forex4You accounts

Types of Forex4You accounts

Types of accounts

Fixed spreads
Speed: 1-10 second(s)
Leverage from 1:10 to 1:500
Margin from 0.2% to 10%
No commission

 Minimum deposit $1 USD $10 USD $100 USD $500 USD
 Annual interest 2.5$ 2.5$ 4$ 4$
 Minimum lot size 0.01 (0.0001) 0.1 (0.001) 0.01 0.05
 Maximum lot size 10 (0.1) 100 (1) 10 No limit
 Minimum variation 0.01 (0.0001) 0.01 (0.0001) 0.01 0.01
 Maximum orders 200 No limit No limit No limit
 Margin Call level 20%  20%  50%  50%
 Stop Out level 10% 10% 20%  20%
 Stop and limit levels 1x the spread 1x the spread 1x the spread 1x the spread
 VIP accounts No No No No
 Swap-less accounts Yes Yes No No
 Account history 1 month 3 months 10 months No limit
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Variable spreads
Speed: less than 1 second
One click trading & Market depth
Leverage from 1:10 to 1:500
Margin from 0.2% to 10%
Commissions on each trade

 Minimum deposit $1 USD $1,000 USD $3,000 USD
 Spread Starting at 1 pip Starting at 0,5 pips Starting at 0,8 pips
 Commissions $0.1 USD per lot $8 USD per lot $6 - $10 USD per lot
 Annual interest 2.5% 4% 4%
 Minimum lot size 0.01 (0.0001) 0.01 0.10
 Maximum lot size 100 (1) 200 200
 Minimum variation 0.01 (0.0001) 0.01 0.01
 Maximum orders No limit No limit No limit
 Margin Call level 20%  100%  100%
 Stop Out level 10% 20%  50%
 Stop and limit levels 2 pips 2 pips 0
 VIP accounts No Yes Yes
 Swap-less accounts No Yes Yes
 Account history 6 mois No limit No limit
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PAMM - Managed forex accounts

PAMM investor accounts (Percentage Allocation Money Management) allow investors to take advantage of the expertise of traders that provide a forex account management service.

PAMM trader accounts are for experienced traders that want to manage other investors' money.

The PAMM system automatically manages all investments that are made and all transfers between investors and traders.

Social trading with Social4You

Forex4You's social trading platform, Share4You, marks the beginning of a new era of "copytrading" with slippage of less than 0.01 pip. Both expert as well as novice traders will find the Share4you platform easy and convenient to use. Experienced traders can establish themselves as "leaders" and let the other traders copy their trading strategies: profits earned from successfully copied trades are then distributed between the leaders and the followers. Beginning traders or those who don't have the time to trade can use "follower" accounts to observe leading traders and choose the ones they want to "copy".

Receive up to a 50% bonus on your deposits

• This bonus arrives to your account in form of special type of loan (loan bonus). These funds cannot be lost as a result of trading. However, these funds cannot be withdrawn until the bonus conditions are met.

• Bonus amount depends on two factors: deposit amount and your own choice of the percentage (options between 5% and 50% are currently available).

• In order to withdraw the bonus the following condition must be met: 50% of spreads from all closed orders in last two months must equal to or be higher than the bonus amount received. If this condition is not met - bonus amount will be debited before the withdrawal. Moreover, bonus amount will be debited automatically after 2 months if the condition is not met.

Forex4You deposit bonus info

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Risk warning

Combining leverage with derivative products can generate very rapid losses. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before you engage in such transactions. Forex and CFD trading is not suitable for investors who are not able to withstand losses greater than their initial deposit.