How to migrate from MetaTrader to cTrader

MT4 - cTrader

An increasing number of traders are now migrating to use the cTrader platform for its easy to use interface, excellent features and its use of Microsoft's C# programming language to build automated strategies, indicators and extend the functionality of the platform.


What is the difference between MT4 and cTrader in terms of algorithm trading?

MT4 and MT5 use their own in-house programming language. It can only be used on the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) platform, which first appeared in 2006, so it has been around for a long time now. The language is similar to the C++ programming language, this language is much harder to work with than C# and it is much easier to find a C# developer than a C++ developer. Many modern trading platforms are now using Microsoft's C# as the algorithmic language of choice, which means that migration from one platform that uses C# to another one is a much simpler matter. 

Expert Advisor (EA) - this is the name used by the Metaquotes Software Corp. to describe an automated trading strategy that is used with the MetaTrader trading platforms.

cBot - this is the name used by Spotware Systems to describe an automated trading strategy that is used with the cTrader and cAlgo trading platforms.


The benefits of developing with Microsoft's C# language

A major benefit of using Microsoft's C# with cTrader rather than MQ4 with MetaTrader is the development environment. With a Microsoft programming language, you can modify the code using Microsoft Visual Studio, which is not only free but a professional industry standard piece of software. Microsoft's C# programming language is very powerful and allows you to get off the beaten path and achieve virtually anything you want.


How does one convert Experts Advisors in cBot?

If you have your own set of MetaTrader EA's and you'd like to use them on the cTrader platform then you'll have to convert them to C# programming language and use cTrader's interface library instead of MT4's library. Some tools - such as 2CAlgo - allow you to achieve this automatically.

Click here to open the MQL4 / cTrader converter

84% of MQL4 indicators and 82% of MQL4 robots are supported.


What can I do if the converter doesn't work?

If converter doesn't function properly, you can call on's services. They are a UK company that specialises in the cTrader trading platform, automated trading strategies, indicators and autonomous trading apps as well as intelligent trading software tools.

Where can I open a demo account with the cTrader platform?


cTrader Pepperstone

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