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The cTrader 3.1 mobile trading platform now has extra features

The cTrader 3.1 mobile trading platform now has extra features

Article posted by Financefeeds:

Fintech expert Spotware Systems recently announced the release of the latest version (3.1) of cTrader Web Beta. The new cTrader Web 3.1 allows faster setting up of Price Alerts with extended controls and enables users to personalize their trading experience even further.

In addition to the Price Alerts controls located in the main menu under Tools and in Line Study Tools (LST), traders can now quickly create and manage their Price Alerts using the Price Alert tab. This new tab has been added to the TradeWatch area.

For more convenience, the cTrader platform has also added a Price Alerts button to the Active Symbol Panel allowing traders to create price alerts with a pre-selected symbol in the New Alert Dialog box.

Another improvement in the latest version of the platform enables traders to easily rearrange the order of their watchlists, symbols inside the watchlist and symbols between the watchlists.

Speaking of innovation regarding cTrader, letís mention the recent launch of cTrader Copy. The new copy trading service functions as a flexible investment program replacing cMirror.

The new copying model is based on Equity-to-Equity Ratio where the volume to be copied is defined according to the Strategy Providerís and Investorís Equity. The system automatically recalculates the volume of Investorís positions to adjust it to equity to equity ratio, taking into account any allocated amount changes due to the deposits and withdrawals of both parties. This results in position sizes of the Strategy Provider and Investor being relative to the resources which each party has or has allocated to the strategy.

Earlier this month, Spotware released a new version (3.1) of the beta cTrader Mobile platform, with the app now offering traders more functionality for charting and order creation. For instance, in the new cTrader Mobile 3.1 traders can draw Ray, Equidistant Channel, and Fibonacci Retracements on charts, in addition to previously introduced horizontal, vertical and regular trend lines.

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