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Australian brokers supporting fight against brushfires

Australian brokers supporting fight against brushfires

"How can we sleep when our beds are burning" are the lyrics to a song by Midnight Oil, an Aussie band that was all over the radio 20 years ago. Now it seems like these words are a prophecy, many Australians having lost their homes in the worst fire ever there.

Many people across Australia and the world have come together to support those who are fighting the fires. Among those who support the cause are Australian brokers Invest Global and Pepperstone.

Broker Invest Global announced this week that it will donate 100% of the trading commissions from 30 January to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS).

Gavin White, CEO of Invast Global, says: "We have had an amazing response from our traders around the world. They are all behind it and I hope we can achieve a great result, to support the incredible volunteers who fight these fires with such dedication and selflessness."

"It's great to see how aware the rest of the world is of the tragedy unfolding in Australia. Some of our most supportive traders are based on the other side of the world and many of them have never set foot in Australia. "

Pepperstone, another Australian forex broker, also donated $50,000 to the forest fire fighting authority of the Victoria Country Fire Authority and, according to CEO Tamas Szabo on Tuesday, Pepperstone will donate the same amount as each team member to any charity related to forest fires over the next few weeks.

In general, the bush fire season in Australia runs from January to March, the hottest months of the year. But since this last September, Australians have been victims of successive bush fires that affect all the states and territories of Australia.

To date, 28 people have been killed by fires that have burned more than 11 million hectares and destroyed 2,250 homes. Since summer has only just started, the situation should not improve anytime soon, with little forecast of rain.

In addition, it is estimated that more than 390 million animals have been killed and that the fires have devastated the koala population there. To get an idea of ​​the severity of the fires - the area already burned is three times larger than the land destroyed by the 2018 fires in California and six times larger than last year's fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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